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Technology Vision at Tulpehocken Area School District

Our vision is to use technology to enhance our curriculum, to build communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills that enable students to be globally aware, competitive, and adaptable in their personal and professional life.


The district 1:1 pilot program began in Fall 2014 and included Apple iPads in grades 2, 3, 7, and 8. The following year, the pilot program was expanded to include all grades K through 8. Apple iPads were selected for use in grades K-4. The Dell 2-in-1 laptop was selected for use in grades 5-8.

With the input of our teachers, the iPad and 2-in-1 was selected as a means to deliver a student- centered learning environment. To accomplish this goal, we have challenged our teachers to seek opportunities where they can:

Explore new teaching strategies using technology

Expand their knowledge of technology and keep current on emerging technologies

Use technology to document student needs, progress, and mastery of content

Share digital resources with students (including digital textbooks) and receive electronic submissions of assignments

Be empowered to seek out new learning opportunities for their students

These new opportunities for our teachers and students opened the door for unlimited possibilities. While technology should never be the replacement for instruction and learning, it can be a vehicle to getting students engaged in their own learning experience.

We are now ready to take our program to the next level. Our teachers and students have incorporated the technology into their curriculums at school, but in order for our curriculum to extend beyond the classroom, we believe that our students must have access to their laptop outside of the school day. In order to accomplish that we are offering the opportunity for students to take their laptop home.  Starting in January 2017, 8th grade students can begin taking their laptop home with a signed parent permission form and optional insurance.  Forms and the Parent-Student Handbook are available on the right side menu for download.

Both of our devices were selected with the input of our teachers with the idea in mind that these devices become as important to classroom instruction as a textbook or workbook. Similar to textbooks or other instructional resources, the technology device is used to enhance the curriculum and is not used as the only instruction the student receives during class.

Student access to portable computing hardware allows for learning to happen through a variety of different means. In promoting the use of our 1:1 technology pilot program, we seek to promote innovation in what has come to be recognized as the "4Cs" in education -- Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity.

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