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Reporting a Student Absent/Tardy from School:
Please call 610-488-6286 ext. 1126 to report if your student will be tardy or absent from school. In addition please remember to submit a written excuse within three school days.  Failure to do so may result in an unlawful or unexcused absence.  You may also submit your attendance using the link below:

Late Arrival (Tardy)
Students are expected to be in their homeroom at 7:42 AM. Students who are late to school MUST report to the main office to turn in the approved lateness excuse at which time tardiness is recorded and a late slip is given to the student. Athletes or students involved in other activities may be required to have a medical excuse for lateness on the day of, or the day after, an evening school activity in which the student has been involved. Repeated tardiness to school may result in the following:
1) Detention
2) Revoking of driving privileges at the discretion of the administration
3) Suspension
4) Unexcused lateness to school are cumulative and may result in an unexcused or illegal absence(s)

Early Dismissal
Students will not be dismissed from school unless a written request is registered in the office. Students will be released to the parent or approved guardian only after being signed out in the office and approved by the administration. The request must be presented the day of early dismissal or day preceding the dismissal. When reason warrants an early release, a student should bring a note from his or her parents requesting the release. The purpose of the early dismissal must be clearly stated in the note. Junior/Senior High students dismissed after 9:30 a.m. will be counted present for the morning session, but must return for the afternoon session to have the day count. Junior/Senior High students dismissed after 12:30 p.m., will be counted present for the entire school day. Frequent requests for early dismissal are subject to administration approval.

Please see the links and forms to the right for additional policies and procedures regarding atttendance.
District Administrative Office
27 Rehrersburg Road
Bethel, PA 19507