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Our department consists of 11 teachers and the following Special Education programs are offered at the Junior/Senior High School.

Learning Support Classrooms

Students who require specialized learning techniques, individualized instruction, and small class placement may attend one pullout Math and one pullout Language Arts class each day. The instruction parallels the common core state standards. Students may attend regular education Social Studies and Science classes with support from an Inclusion teacher or paraprofessional on an as needed basis. Each student participates in a support class to provide reinforcement of the curriculum expectations and to increase skills in the subject.
Inclusion Classrooms
The inclusion classroom consists of a certified special educator who rotates through the regular education classes in order to ensure that the student with an IEP understands the curriculum and is meeting his/her responsibilities. Individual and small group assistance is provided within the standard curriculum classroom. In addition, the student may have a daily support class with their special educator on their team. The special educator provides consultation to standard curriculum teachers regarding student's learning style and educational needs. The special educator and paraprofessional ensure that accommodations are being implemented in the standard curriculum classroom.

Emotional Support Classrooms

This program serves students who have emotional and behavioral needs. Students take regular education classes and are supported by staff to manage these responsibilities and demands. Emotional and behavioral needs are met within the Emotional Support classroom by a special education teacher as needed throughout the day.

Trojans Program

The Trojans program is for students who have emotional and behavioral needs. A certified special education teacher and regular education teacher manage behavior and promote self-advocacy. The program is supported by a comprehensive, incentive-based behavioral system. The program staff works directly with the students’ families and coordinates treatment efforts with providers outside of the school. A social worker supports the program. Instruction in academic subjects is provided in a small supportive environment by subject area teachers. Students may attend Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology Education and Health classes. Some students may take regular education classes and are supported by staff to manage those responsibilities and demands.


Life Skills Classrooms

This program serves students who have significant intellectual and learning challenges. Some students in the program have significant weaknesses in the areas of social skills activities of daily living. The program focuses on functional life skills and knowledge about community, in order to function as independently as possible. We also offer a functional life skills curriculum to meet students’ transition needs.

Related Services

All required related services are available to students as agreed to within their
Individualized Educational Programs within their assigned schools. Related services include but are not limited to speech/language services, occupational therapy, adapted physical education, physical therapy, and vision. Dependent upon the set educational goal(s), services may be provided through an in-class and/or pullout model.

District Administrative Office
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Bethel, PA 19507
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