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PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting & 2014 Teacher Roster Verification

What is PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting?

  • PVAAS teacher specific reporting estimates the effect of a teacher's performance on the academic growth of a group of students
  • PVAAS provides a measure of academic growth for students by taking into account both their endpoint and their entering achievement level
  • By concentrating on growth, PVAAS puts the emphasis on what educators can influence
  • For the first time in PA, teachers will have access to information regarding their influence on the academic progress of students

What is the purpose of PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting?

  • provide a teacher-specific growth measure to be used as part of the PA Educator Effectiveness System
  • provide a diagnostic feedback to teachers regarding their influence on the academic growth of students
  • provide data for teachers and administrators to guide discussions about a teacher's influence on the academic growth on groups of students

What types of information will be provided by PVAAS Teacher Specific Reporting?

  • A PVAAS score in each PA assessed grade, subject, and/or course for each school year
  • Additionally, the teacher will receive a PVAAS 3 year rolling average
  • Diagnostic reporting
    • to assess the growth of students at varying achievement levels
    • to assess the growth of demographic subgroups of students
  • Each PVAAS teacher specific report reflects only the students instructed by the teacher in that specific grade/subject/course

% Instructional Responsibility - Significant Factor in PVAAS Teacher Reporting

  • This % reflects a teacher's total instructional responsibility for a student. This % reflects how much the student will be weighted in the PVAAS analyses.
  • The % instructional responsibility is calculated by multiplying the (% student + teacher enrollment) by (Full or Partial % of instruction).
  • Full or Partial % Instruction - of the time that the teacher and student were concurrently enrolled in the grade/subject/course
    • how much of the instruction (domains 1 & 3) belongs with the teacher?
    • how much of the instruction (domains 1 & 3) belongs with another teacher (ESL, Title I, Gifted, Special Education)?

What is PVAAS Roster Verification?

  • Roster verification is a way for teachers to VERIFY their student rosters - are the right students linked to the right teachers for the right subject/grade/courses for the right proportion of instructional responsibility
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