District Tax Information

  • For the fourth consecutive year the Tulpehocken School Board reduced the real estate tax rate. The approved rate for the 2020-2021 school year is 26.75 mills, a reduction of .1 mills from the previous rate of 26.85 mills. The graph below compares our tax rate to the Berks County school district average rate over the past ten years. Tulpehocken’s rate is .33 mills or 1.2% lower than it was ten years ago while the average Berks County school district’s rate increased by 4.4 mills or 17% for the same period. The recent construction of warehouses along the I78 corridor has increased the district’s revenue substantially and the administration and school board have consistently managed expenses to provide an educational program that balances the interests of all stakeholders.

     Real Estate Millage


    The Tulpehocken Area School District levies a series of local taxes to generate revenue for
    the operation of the education programs. Following is a list of the local taxes and the
    respective rates:
    Real Estate Tax - 26.75 mills
    Per Capita Tax - $15.00 (School portion is $10.00, Municipality/ Township is $5.00)
    Earned Income Tax - 1% of wages ( School .5%, Municipality/ Township .5%)
    Real Estate Transfer Tax - 1% of sale price ( School .5%, Municipality/ Township .5%
    Berks Mill Comparison