• Real Estate Tax is the main source of revenue for the Tulpehocken Area School District. It is based on the assessed valuation, as determined by the Berks County Board of Assessment, of all taxable property within the district.

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    The millage rate for Tulpehocken Area School District property owners is 26.75.
    The millage rate is the rate which the board sets for the taxation of the assessment on a property. Your current school district real estate tax cam be calculated by multiplying your assessed value by the millage rate as shown in the example below:
    Assessed Value 100,000 X Millage Rate .02675 = School Tax $2,675.00
    If you believe that your property is assessed incorrectly, please contact the Berks County Assessment Office at 610-478-6262
     If you do not receive a tax bill, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to contact your elected tax official.
    Interim Real Estate Taxes
    An interim real estate tax is a tax on assessed property that was not included in the original tax mailing of July 1. Interim tax bills are sent throughout the year for new construction, additions and split parcels that changed the property's assessed value.
    Delinquent Real Estate Taxes
    Real estate tax bills dated July 1 that are not paid by December 31 are turned over to the Berks County Tax Claim Bureau for collection.
    Real Estate Transfer Taxes
    A .5% real estate transfer tax is imposed by the district and the municipality when a property is sold. The tax is based on the selling price and is paid at the time of transfer. The tax is collected by Berks County and is remitted to the district on a monthly basis.
    Tax collectors for the Tulpehocken Area School District
    Deborah Craig
    Bernville Borough Tax Collector
    169 Penn Street
    Bernville, Pa 19506
    Darlene Orendo
    Bethel Township Tax Collector
    PO Box 4
    Bethel, PA 19507
    Jefferson Township Tax Collector
    C/O Lori Deck Deputy Tax Collector
    PO Box 242
    5 Solly Lane
    Bernville, PA 19506

    Carmen Chiumento
    Penn Township Tax Collector
    PO Box 503
    Bernville, PA 19506

    Lori Deck
    Tulpehocken Township Tax collector
    PO Box 175
    Rehrersburg, PA 19550