Recommended Readings

  • Books for Parents:
    Is My Child Okay? When Behavior is a Problem, When It's Not, and When to Seek Help by Henry A, Paul, MD
    Books for Teachers:
    101 "Answers" for New Teachers and Their Mentors by Annette L. Breaux
    Ten Things Your Student With Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm
    Saving Normal: An Insider's Revolt Against Out-of-Control Psychiatric Diagnosis, DSM-5, Big Pharma, and the Medicalization of Ordinary Life Hardcover by Allen Frances
    Books for Students: 
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey  
     I Am Utterly Unique - Celebrating the Srengths of Children with Aspergers Syndrome and  High-Functioning Autism.
    Books for All Audiences:
    Inside Asperger's Looking Out by Kathy Hoopmann 
    All Dogs Have ADHD by Kathy Hoopmann
    All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann
    Study Strategies Made Easy - A Practical Plan for School Success by Leslie Davis, M.Ed., Sandi Sirotowitz, M.Ed., with Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D.