Tulpehocken's Student Assistance Program

Tulpehocken's Student Assistance Program (SAP) teams are made up of a combination of teachers, counselors, and administrators.  We work together helping to ensure students achieve full academic potential by actively removing barriers . For more information about what SAP is, please click here.
If you have concerns regarding suicidal ideation or if it is a true emergency, please do not hesitate to call 911 for immediate assistance. Although we do our best to address concerns as they are brought to our attention, sometimes we do not receive the submitted forms until the next school day. If the student is not in immediate danger but needs support, they may call the  Service Access Management at 610-208-0780.

Middle School SAP Team Members

Nev Lynch, Principal
Michelle Yenser, School Counselor
Kathy Reedy, School Nurse 
Kevin Avery
Ashley Count
Kerry Lehman